These are going on Etsy in several months, so message me to get it before then or if you'd like anything else from my Etsy shop, as well as any commissions and custom work - email me at

I often have multiples of the same mini if you want more than one, and if they're not yet painted I can customize them if you'd like different colors, base, etc... Otherwise it's first come, first served!

Please ask me if you'd like more pictures with scale, or other angles, I can't put all pics here or download would take forever. Best viewed on a computer screen not a phone due to the size of the images.



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CURRENT: July 2023:

Skeletons (resin): 29.99 each, sets of 5+ 24.99 each

Giant scorpion (resin): $44.99, Gloom (metal, Reaper): $39.99, Baby owlbear (resin): $34.99, Stirge (metal, Reaper): $24.99 (39.99 per pair), Death slime (resin): $19.99

Cockatrice Encounter (plastic, Reaper, from Kickstarter so can't get another one unless they put it in production): $189.99 4 cockatrice + treasure/eggs pile

Animated broom (resin): $29.99, giant wasp queen (plastic, wotc): $34.99, giant wasp (plastic, wotc): $29.99 ea, chest mimic (plastic, wotc): $39.99, wraith (metal, Reaper): $34.99

Giant tarantulas (resin): $24.99 ea ($59.99 for 3), giant constrictor snake (metal, Reaper): $29.99

Girallon (resin): $49.99, Grizzley (resin): $54.99

Altar (PLA): $34.99, Fireplace with mounted stag (resin): $39.99, Giant mirror or portal (PLA): $24.99

Hanging cages (PLA): $39.99 - 28 or 32mm, door opens, cage can be slid off support beam

Outhouse (resin): $24.99, Gallows (resin): $59.99, Monster Hunter or witcher (resin, from May's monster Hunter Corner set): $39.99, notice board (resin): $34.99

Wood pile storage (resin): $19.99, Wood piles and axe (resin, 3 pieces): $24.99, skull pile in mud (resin): $14.99, Wood pile + axe (resin): $14.99,

Creepy embalmer graveyard shack.. or miner (resin, top comes off): $54.99, embalmer table (resin): $24.99, embalmer workbench (resin): $24.99, Stoves (resin): $14.99 each

Dungeon support columns (resin): $24.99 for each of the left ones with lanterns, $14.99 for each of the 4 on right

Shelf sets (all resin) - Wardrobe $14.99, Shelves A-G $39.99 each with loose shelves so they can be swapped OR $34.99 ea with glued shelves - since I don't have to paint the whole shelves as you can see on the bottom pic, just the visible parts.

Plague victims (all resin): diseased villagers $49.99 ea - man, woman or old man, corpse piles (A, B): $44.99 each, singular corpses C-I $29.99 each, corpse cart with 2 bodies (removable): $59.99.

Open mausoleum, roof can be removed (resin): $49.99, graveyard monuments (resin) A-D 12.99

Grave plots A-F (resin): $14.99 each

Gravestones A-F (resin): $7.99 each

Skeleton (resin): $9.99 each - wish these came in different poses, but it fits real good in coffins, altars etc. Acid puddle (resin): $14.99, treasure piles (resin): $34.99 each

Stairs to second floor (all resin): corner wooden (either left or right corner): $39.99 each, straight wooden $24.99 each, corner stone (either left or right corner): $24.99 each

Bookcase (PLA): $29.99, beds (PLA) any color $15.99 each

City of Tarok Beds A-E (resin): 19.99 each

All resin, cauldron $34.99, kidnaping victim $34.99, thieves guild banner $29.99 each, thieves guild table $29.99 each

All resin, tavern round table $9.99 each, broken furniture $9.99, square tavern table $9.99 each , chairs $3.99 each

All resin, fancy dining table $24.99, dining table $14.99, round table $9.99, high chair A $7.99 each, chair B-C $4.99 each, granma's rockin' chair $9.99

Dungeon/town scatter (resin, 9 pieces): $79.99 each or $9.99 each piece

All resin, iron bear trap $9.99, 2 kegs $19.99 set, pedestal $7.99, pedestal with vase $9.99

Spiritual weapons 32mm (resin): 24.99 each

Spiritual weapons 28mm (resin): 24.99 each, these don't come with base so you can tell me if you want plain black, clear, custom etc

All resin, empty cart $29.99, mule (can be on base but it will stand fine without it as well.. probably fits the cart better that way tbh) $34.99, removable cargo - logs $9.99, hay $14.99, sacks $19.99 or barrels $24.99

Otyughs (resin): $59.99 each

Shambling mound left (metal, Reaper): $44.99, right (plastic, wotc): $69.99

Dead trees A-D $19.99 each

Giant crabs (metal, Reaper): $24.99 each

Also skeletal remains are back after several months: $9.99 each, $39.99 set of all 5