These are going on Etsy in several months, so message me to get it before then or if you'd like anything else from my Etsy shop, as well as any commissions and custom work - email me at

I often have multiples of the same mini if you want more than one, and if they're not yet painted I can customize them if you'd like different colors, base, etc... Otherwise it's first come, first served!

Please ask me if you'd like more pictures with scale, or other angles, I can't put all pics here or download would take forever. Best viewed on a computer screen not a phone due to the size of the images.



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CURRENT: December 2023

A hooded tentacle monster (resin) $59.99, B Beholder (resin) 3inch base $99.99, C Giant Gibering Mouther (resin) $79.99

Giant spider (resin) $24.99, Lake monster / water elemental (resin) $59.99, wraith (Reaper metal) $39.99, dire boar (resin) $34.99, rat swarm (wotc, plastic) $14.99 each

Giant toads, set of 2 (resin) small $29.99, medium $39.99, large $49.99

Driders, $59.99 each, set of 7 $384.93 ($54.99 each)

Animated armor (resin) $39.99 each

Heavy armor flesh skeletons with sword and shield (resin) $34.99 troopers, $149.95 set of 5 ($29.99 each), $249.90 set of 10, includes banner, commander and drummer, $24.99 each.

Heavy armor flesh skeletons with great swords (resin) $34.99 troopers, $149.95 set of 5 ($29.99 each), $249.90 set of 10, includes banner, commander and drummer, $24.99 each.

Townfolk (resin) $49.99 each, male or female set of 5 $224.95 ($44.99 each), set of all 10 $399.90 ($39.99 each)

Monk (resin) $44.99 ea, $239.94 all 6 ($39.99 each)

City watch (resin) $49.99 ea, patrol of 3 (A, D, H) or (B, E, I) or (C, E, G) $134.97 ($44.99 each). Full garrison of 9 - $359.91 ($39.99 each)

Ghouls (resin) $44.99 ea, packs of 4 (A-D or E-H) 171.96 (42.99 each), gang of 8 $319.92 ($39.99 each)

Ogres (bones plastic, resin) $74.99 ea

Bearded devils (wotc plastic) $49.99 ea

Treasure piles (resin) A - $34.99 each, B - $19.99 each, C - $19.99 each, D - $14.99 each

Dark Magister corner (resin), shelf A, B or C $34.99 ea (all 3 for $99.99), desk and chair $59.99, dark magister 49.99, familiar with tome and cauldron $29.99. $219.99 whole set

Furniture (all resin) cold fireplace $19.99, broken chests $9.99 each (A, B or C), trash pile $19.99

Cart with cargo (resin) $49.99, fertility idol (reaper bones) $49.99

Oxen farm (PLA) - $99.99

Wooden stick fence set, 8 pieces (PLA) - $89.99

Sewer entrances (resin) - C $19.99 each, A, B, D - $24.99 each (removable lids on A and B). $89.99 set of 4.

Made some new art paintings, first pic is scale. A, H $16.99 each; B, C, G, I, J, K, L, M $13.99 each; N $11.99 each; D, E, F, O $9.99 each. You can of course also contact me for custom paintings from your images, these are mostly examples of my interests or campaigns.

You can make any frame into the mirror for same price:

Furniture with LED lights, a lot of people asked for these so here they are. Pretty hard pics to take - it's either under light lamp so you can't see LED or do it in the semi/full dark with a phone and bad resolution. Not too crazy about how these initial pics came out, I like them much more in person, specially blue LED. Also, didn't want to paint color pieces so you can swap different color LEDs - but I can. Additional colors LED / tea candles $1 each. Lights can be turned off and aparently last 70 hours, not that i tested that :) All resin.

Dwarven statue with flame $59.99, wizard statue with crystal ball $49.99, portal with top and bottom LED $69.99

Square tavern table with 4 stools $49.99, round tavern table with 4 chairs $49.99, mine cart 24.99, flaming campfire $19.99, extinguished campfire $19.99

Brazier $19.99 each, crate with lantern $14.99, table with crystal ball $24.99, lantern on crate $14.99, tree stump $14.99, barrel $14.99, crystal holder $19.99

Hanging brazier post (49.99) - brazier has to be held with sticky tack to keep light in... and I will sculpt and paint base, it was needed for stability, cursed treasure chest ($19.99), enchanted cauldron ($24.99), metal furnace ($24.99), crate of crystals ($14.99 each) - in many colors, opted for blue for example and it seems impossible to capture blue glow

Forge ($49.99), lamp post ($24.99), dwarven pillar with flame ($24.99), fireplace with mounted boar head ($44.99)

Dungeon pillars with torches (resin) - $24.99 each, $199.99 set of 10 ($19.99 each). In whatever colors you'd like the flames. I think there's even LED that cycles through different colors.

Soul burners $19.99 stone, $24.99 with skulls. There are 3 different tea candles that can go under that I have - left one cycles through several colors. Middle one gives warm yellow light. Right one is blue light. i did some experimenting with black sprayed cotton, it gives a cool smoke effect.

These were fun from wizkids so if anyone else would like, $15 pillars. Chest 24.99 per set for closed and open with insert.